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Food As Medicine is a This As That Production documentary film that follows the growing movement of using food to heal chronic illness and disease.  Food As Medicine documents the journey of food, health, community and hope.


From personal healing, Director, Lenore Eklund's inspiration grew to create a positive film about people addressing disease with food. There are a lot of negative messages about the state of our nation’s health and diet, Food As Medicine focuses on the community of people we found who are fighting back against this downward trend. 

The film follows three individuals who are a reflection of all of us who are realizing how much food plays a role in health outcomes.  We follow their journey to heal chronic disease as they navigate our current food culture, overcome struggles and feel empowered to take back their health.  Medical professionals, business owners and community leaders contribute insights into what needs to change to support a society of healing. 


Food As Medicine is now available on FMTV!

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